Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Critter and Guitari Cellular Automata

Muffs - code
Github - more code
GetLoFi - DIY kit
Critter and Guitari - website
Circuit bent CA synth
Muffs 2 - Mr Coops
Muffs 3 - PCB buy

Critter & Guitari Cellular Automata Synthesizer from Critter & Guitari on Vimeo.


 Critter and Guitari Cellular Automata Synthesizer by Owen Osborn

I'm building a DIY version kindly provided by "n167tx" (Muffs)

The parts list is on the right.
You need to download the eagle file and upload to this viewer:

Eagle has a free viewer.
Download here:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ambient Electronica - Elektron - Mutables - Buchla

Some recordings taken last Friday (17/3/17).
Rory, Andrew & I are practicing for an upcoming gig.
Instruments used were an Elektron A4, Roland TR8 Drum,
some Mutable Instruments Euro modules and Buchla-Sputnik clone modules.