Sunday, 30 July 2017

Router - NLC build notes

Some build notes for the Nonlinearcircuits router.
I'm hoping this will function something like the Serge bi-directional router, but with 4 outs rather than two.
A router can also be found in the NLC Chopper.

The new NLC Router is a voltage controlled switch that can deliver 1 into 4, 4 into 4 and 4 into 1 at the same time, 2x 2 into 2 and, with a simple mod to the PCB, 2x 1 into 2 

This looks like a easy build.
ICs on first.
The module uses a DG412 which is a CMOS analog switch.

Control inputs are pins 1,8,9,16 (in)
D1–D4 : Analog Switch Drain Terminal
 S1–S4 : Analog Switch Source Terminal

Passives, resistors, diodes, caps
The thru hole stuff.

Jacks & pots.

Input 1 is internally connected to the switches on jacks 2, 3 & 4.
CV 1&2 is internally connected to the switch on the CV 3&4 jack.
The signals to the OUT ALL jack are summed together
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You can find more NLC builds here.

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