Saturday, 17 June 2017

Roland 100m - first pics

Finally .... a Roland 100m.
I loved the Eurorack 521 filter so much I decided to seek out the source.
Many thanks to Mark G.

This is a standard setup ...what Roland refer to as a D-set.
Consists of:

112 Dual VCO, with 3 CV ins, 2 outs, and weak/strong sync
121 Dual VCF, with low-pass and high-pass filters with 24 dB/oct slope
130 Dual VCA with a linear/exponential switch
140 Dual ENV + LFO, (ADSR, invertable, and manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)
150 Ring Mod, Noise (pink and white), S&H (with lag), and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)

The 121 VCF is a dual 24 dB Lowpass OTA filter that has Roland's warm, bubbley filter characteristics.

The System 100m offers over 20 modular components to pick and choose to design a custom modular set-up. 

The System 100m has 3 rack sizes, the M-190 holds 3 modules, the M-191 and M-191J hold 5 modules. Each rack provides the necessary 8-pin DIN power connectors and internal CV/gate connections between the modules

This is a 191J  five-module rack with multiple connectors on its base.

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