Wednesday, 3 August 2016

NLC 1006 filter

This is based on the ARP 1006 filter.... from the ARP 2500.
The ARP1006 is called the Filtramp.... the NLC version doesn't have the Amp bit.
It's just a prototype - the panel is an extra Andrew had left over for the NLC Serious Filter.

The world doesn't have enough ladder filters. I really love this version and can't wait to compare it to a vintage 1006. The NLC 1006 contains a two input audio mixer & a voltage controlled 24db/oct low pass filter. The cutoff frequency may be varied with control voltages or by the front panel Fc control.

Guitar Fool have schematics and a BOM of the 1006.

This is a scan of an old ARP-2500 manual of mine.


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